Professional Web Design and Development Services

Having a properly designed website is of great importance if you want to attract as many visitors as possible and make a good impression. Creating one on your own can be a real challenge, though, unless you’re a master of web development and design. If you have the idea, but you cannot execute it the way you want to, we’re here to help.

On Waterloo Web Studio, we will help you achieve your dreams of having the most amazing looking website that will be eye-candy. We offer web design and development services in exchange for a fee. What’s more, you can choose the level of design you want, and each option comes with different sets of options and different prices.

Web Development

Your dreams need to be turned into actions, and this may be harder than it seems at first. Luckily for you, we can make it happen. Our team can help you with the web development abilities that you require, as it’s our job to help people develop their websites.

You should know that we’re skilled even when it comes to very complex online applications, for both offline and online tasks. As such, the website will end up working the way you want it to.

Web Design

We offer professional web design services as well. Our company is specialized in web and graphic design. Because we’re aware of how important the look of a website is, we make sure to work hard in improving the looks of your platform.

For this reason, we will offer professional website and blog design. Not only will our team make the platform look incredible, but it will also happen quickly enough. You won’t have to wait for ages for our services.

Amazing Customer Support

Our customer support is of high-quality and will help you with what you need. It’s in our interest to provide help to crafters, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and many other people. The secret of our success stands behind the extra effort we make in order to create gorgeous brands for our clients.


The services you can get on this platform are priced differently, depending on the level of work you need for your blog or website. For instance, for a basic website or blog design, we will charge €700, and get all the basic features for the proper functioning of a site.

If you want more professional development and design for your website, you will have to pay €1050. For this amount of cash, you will get more than the basic website features. Lastly, we can also help design and develop e-commerce websites, for as much as €1500.

Make your dreams become a reality. Contact us right now and let’s create an outstanding site.